Meet Sophia

Hello! My name is Sophia. For me reading is a serendipitous process. I love discovering books by following the breadcrumbs. Reading one author often leads to a curiosity about their influences, and my own curiosity about genres, etc., pulling me further down the bibliographic rabbit hole.

I have an enduring love for the works of Thomas Pynchon. His writing is vibrant, punchy, and completely out there. As it currently stands, I’m fascinated by postmodern fiction. Don Delillo and David Foster Wallace are favorites (cliched as it sounds, Infinite Jest was a quintessential and hilarious reading experience for me—shout out to fellow patrons at Agora who withstood my random bouts of laughter). Additionally, I love the works of  Kundera, Borges, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare, and Kafka.

I also love contemporary fiction, much of which I stumbled upon at Brazos, such as Christiane Vaudnais, Claire-Louis Bennet, Roque la Raqui, Marian Poshmann, Viet Than Nyuegn, Andre Acimen, and Kiese Laymon, to name a few. I can think of nothing better than a day spent reading and driving to music, concluding with a slice of pie. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the team at Brazos bookstore!