Meet Sara, Marketing Director

I am an utterly obsessive book reader (and buyer), so working at Brazos is a dream for me. I majored in English Literature in college before departing for a stint in curation and visual arts, fields I am still enamored by. My favorite books pay respect to multiple genres, with an eye toward the speculative and unusual. Thus I adore science fiction and speculative fiction, from classics such as Stanislaw Lem’s sentience-exploring SOLARIS and Samuel Delany's BABEL-17 to the more contemporary environmental decay of Nicola Griffith’s SLOW RIVER and Michelle Tea’s BLACK WAVE, and the sense-bending landscapes of Renee Gladman’s Ravicka novels (starting with my favorite, EVENT FACTORY) . My favorite speculative fiction uses a forward-looking lens to examine the human body and sexuality in their many permutations and beyond (MAMMOTHER, BOOK OF JOAN... The list goes on). My preference in other genres follow the same general boundaries. Graphic novels are another fabulous genre in which I find regular favorites (Matt Fraction’s ODY-C and BIG KIDS by Michael DeForge, for example). I am also a fan of literature in translation; I started with a Banana Yoshimoto obsession (KITCHEN in particular) and it grew and grew beyond the bounds of Japan to stretch into the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

In addition to working at Brazos Bookstore, I run a science fiction/queer literature-oriented book project with my partner called Paraspace Books (@paraspacebooks). I am also a member of the Artist Advisory Board at DiverseWorks. I treasure the interdisciplinary focus I'm able to have in this city, and try to bring that to everything that I do.

I love to think and talk about literature. Come talk books with me!