Meet Rebecca, Shipping Coordinator & Bookseller

I grew up in Clear Lake where some of my favorite memories were my mom reading to me and taking me to some of the most magical places in the world: libraries and bookstores. It was through books that I was transported to magical places, my favorites being Hogwarts and Narnia, and to different places in history, including Little House on the Prairie. As a teenager and adult, my love for reading continued no matter where I was living. I continue to love my childhood favorites, especially the Harry Potter and Narnia series. I have also expanded my love for novels, including YA, historical fiction, and classics, my favorite being Jane Eyre. I also have a deep love for historical nonfiction and biographies, especially about Queen Elizabeth I and other great women throughout history. These books on history are what made me fall in love with history and led to get my BA in history. My love for political memoirs and nonfiction books on politics and feminism has led me on a crazy ride through several political and nonprofit jobs before starting to work at Brazos Bookstore, where I am thrilled to be working.  


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