Meet Morgan, Inventory Assistant


My name is Morgan! I am fairly new to Brazos, but I am excited to be here. 

Previously, I have worked in non-profits, real estate, hospitality, retail, and child care. I am not one to shy away from an opportunity or adventure and am always eager to learn something new. I am currently a student at Rice University majoring in Political Science and Religion with minors in Anthropology and Politics, Law, and Social Thought. I regularly have the opportunity to read many interesting and informative books for my education but I began regularly reading long before I started college.

My love of reading started in second grade when my friend gave me a book to read. I devoured this book before the end of the night, and from that night forward, I always had at least one book on me at all times. As a college student, the majority of what I read now is required class material but when I do have a moment to pick for myself, I tend to pick up Greek mythology or fantasy romance.

In addition to being interested in people, law, mythology, and fantasy. I also enjoy comic books, anime, video games, and movies. I do not have enough space in my brain or enough time in my day to keep up with all of this, but I do my best. 

Thank you for reading!