Meet Liz, Children's Specialist

My father read me THE HOBBIT as a bedtime story when I was four, and it definitely set my baby mind firmly in the land of the fantastic. I'm a huge fan of any books that challenge our idea of what the "real world" is and should be. Magical realism, speculative fiction, revolutionary ideas--if it's a little (or a lot) out there and different, I'm here for it. My tastes for the weird and eclectic spill over into my love of plays and graphic novels: the stranger and more provocative, the better. For nonfiction, I love any kind of overlooked stories, especially about forgotten women of the past or present. I'm also a big fan of the classics--I spent four years in Wellesley College's Shakespeare Society, so if you ever want to talk about the Bard, look me up!

Liz left Brazos Bookstore to return to grad school in August 2016

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