Meet Laura G, Children's Specialist

Saying my first love was books would be a lie (it was definitely candy), but books followed shortly after – specifically old fairy tales. I loved reading about princelings cursed into swans, a girl who could fit three dresses into one walnut shell, anything that was curious, dark, and whimsical. Each story I read shaped the way I viewed the world around me, and while I never saw a house that walked on chicken legs, I spent my childhood searching for these hidden magics.

Legally, I am an adult, but I still maintain my childlike outlook on life. My tastes may have matured a bit, my mind has expanded, but I am always on the hunt for the next book or experience that will sate my hunger for the enchanted.

I probably don’t need to tell you how magical bookstores can be, how thrilling it is to find a book that challenges and changes your perspective. And now, as the Children's Specialist at Brazos, I get to spend my days curating and sharing these wonderful books with everyone ages 0-100. Nothing could be better!

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