Meet Laura, Marketing Director & Children's and French Specialist

Saying my first love was books would be a lie (it was definitely sugar), but books followed shortly after–specifically old fairy tales. I loved reading about princelings cursed into swans, a girl who could fit three dresses into one walnut shell, anything that was curious, dark, and whimsical. Each story I read shaped the way I viewed the world around me, and while I never saw a house that walked on chicken legs I spent my childhood searching for these hidden magics.

These days my favorite genres include literary fiction, works in translation, YA and Middle Grade fantasy, artistically rendered picture books, and any non-fiction concerning mycology, bees, or esoteric history.

After moving from Iowa to Houston for an Art History degree at Rice, I discovered an amazing gem of a bookstore right around the corner from my dorm. Four years later (as my coworkers love to joke) I hired myself on to the team!

Now I spend my days wearing many hats. I create graphics and art for the store and keep our website and social media accounts up and running. I also choose the books that enter our Kid's Room and French section, run story times, promote our events, and host our Not YA Mama's Book Club.

Whether you're a native Houstonian, a Midwestern implant like me, or something else entirely, welcome to Brazos! I cannot wait to chat about books with you!

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