Meet Keerthi, Inventory Manager

Hi there! I come from various parts of Florida but I spent some of my middle school and high school years in Houston. I absolutely fell in love with the city as an adolescent, specifically the people. I never stayed in one place for long as a kid and a couple of years ago I felt I needed a new home. I felt I had an unfinished chapter to attend to here, so now I’m back!

I am an absolute book fiend who adores reading whenever I have the chance. I have love for most genres but find myself drawn to books with melancholic or moody tones. I want the content I consume to evoke powerful emotion as I feel this is when I’m truly impacted by a story. Some of my favorites novels are Call Me By Your Name by André Acimen and The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

I am also an avid film watcher! I am always down to discuss, analyze, and just engage in any conversation having to do with it. I am constantly on Letterboxd reading reviews in my spare time and adding things to my never-ending watchlist.

I am incredibly elated to be a part of the Brazos team and I look forward to making your acquaintance!

Keerthi's book recommendations

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