Meet Joy, Children's Programming Director

As a reader, I’m a literary omnivore. Genre fiction, light fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, romance, essays, biography, non-fiction, books on Americana and pop culture, the classics and the not-so- classics—I gobble it all. In particular, I love novels that sit at the intersection of literary and commercial—such as books by Rebecca Stead, Elana K. Arnold, and Laura Ruby. Currently, I’m deep into all things kidlit with a particular fondness for the work being done in middle grade fiction and graphic novels, and what is certainly a golden age of picture books, as well as the phenomenal writers publishing in the YA space right now.  I’m your go-to bookseller if you come into the store looking for women’s fiction or books with happy (ish) endings. Cozy mysteries in vast abundance got me through the pandemic and continue to do so. I love working with customers as a sort of concierge bookseller—finding just the right books to meet your needs and also those that give you an unexpected connection.

As Children’s Programming Director, I book and plan all our kids’ events, whether in-person or virtual—from guest author story times to YA, as well as bringing authors to our Houston-area schools both public and private. I’m also the facilitator of our Middle Grade Book Club for ages 8-12, one of my favorite events each month! 

Finally, I write and teach writing, too. I’m the author of a medium-size list of YA novels, with more books in other genres on the way! 

In short, I love working at Brazos Bookstore and look forward to connecting with our customers and chatting all things literary and bookish! 

Joy's book recommendations
Joy's kids book recommendations