Meet Clara, Events Coordinator

Hoowee! Brazos Bookstore has so many cool events! I can't count how many times have I heard "There's nothing to do in Houston." So not true! So many wonderful places like Brazos Bookstore makes Houston a vibrant city with much to offer.

If I could sum up my pleasures in reading they would be the author's investigation and/or interrogation of art, nature, gardens, cityscapes, justice in relations to the individual. Not that I have any real expertise in the matters but this being said Jamaica Kincaid's LUCY is one of my primary recommendations. Willa Cather's A LOST LADY has a beautiful way of interlacing nature with the human psyche and I appreciate her method of creating the unreliable protagonist. Zora Neale Hurston's "HOW IT FEELS TO BE COLORED ME" is my bibliophilism genesis and is constantly encouraging me to stand with my head held high. My book preference does not fall in any real genre per se but I what I do look for in a good book is an honest voice that is not bashful about upsetting the reader with confrontational tones and materials.

When I'm not at Brazos Bookstore, you can find me biking (typically at the White Oak Bayou Trail), watching Miyazaki's KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE, and/or making bad puns.