Meet Alexis, Bookseller

Here in the heart of Houston, I grew up learning classical music, drawing portraits of people I knew, and always staying up many, many late nights reading. Entranced by the power of words, I found a way to express my ideas through short stories (funnily enough, in the horror genre—I think I loved a good shock ending) and lots of poetry (mainly of the emotional kind), sharing them with my family and close friends. In the past few years, my fiction and poetry have appeared in a few undergraduate literary journals and I have won both the Bryan Lawrence and Howard Moss awards for poetry in 2017 and 2018 at the University of Houston. Also in 2017, I had the honor of publishing in an anthology for emerging Texan poets.

I find that reading great literature adds value not only to my personal writing but also to my everyday life. My reading interests vary widely, starting with the classics, and have included forays into flash fiction, historical fiction, personal essays, and confessional poetry. I am drawn to literature that is altogether beautiful, vulnerable, and challenging. While I love to explore new genres and authors, I definitely have my favorites: Charlotte Brontë’s JANE EYRE quickly became a love of mine when I was 15 for its themes of independence and romance. The novel MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA by Arthur Golden transfixed me with its rich descriptions of Japanese culture while Dickens’ A TALE OF TWO CITIES entertained my love of intrigue and made me cry at the end. Later, the tender poetry collection STAG’S LEAP by Sharon Olds broke my heart with its poignant handling of grief. Lastly (for now), the essay A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN by Virginia Woolf inspired a much stronger confidence in my own writing and serves as a touchstone for my academic research. I love to add new favorites to my collection and always appreciate good recommendations!

Working at Brazos is a wonderful opportunity for me. I feel very fortunate to contribute to an independent business with a cheerful and inspiring space, perfect for cultivating the well-rounded and adventurous reader. I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Literature and love to spend my free time reading, playing music, drawing more portraits, submitting my writing for publishing, and connecting with others who love the written word as much as I do.