Meet Nathan, Bookseller

I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember, so it goes without saying that I love books. For me it started with ancient Greek myths and my fifth-grade teacher’s performance of Socrates’ apology, complete with a bedsheet toga and Kool-Aid hemlock. A few years later I read Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL and was mesmerized by the energy and outrage of the poem, and I was hooked. Today I continue to be drawn to great writing with energy and beautiful sentences. As a reader, I’m drawn to the lyric, the experimental, the musical, and the weird. I think of the poetry section of Brazos as my own little refuge and would love to help you find your new favorite poet; some of my favorites are Peter Gizzi, Fred Moten, George Oppen, and Gregory Pardlo. I also love a good essay collection, Cormac McCarthy, Melville, and brain-melting science fiction. In addition to being a bookseller at Brazos, I’m also a poet and a teacher. I’m a Writer with Writers In The Schools and have taught previously at University of Houston, where I earned my MFA in Creative Writing. My poems have appeared in literary journals like Grist, DMQ Review, and Jet Fuel Review. My book reviews and interviews have appeared in Gulf Coast, where I served as nonfiction editor for several issues, including Issue 28.2, which was listed as a Notable Issue for Nonfiction in Best American Essays 2017.