Six Click Gel Pen

Price: $5.50
SKU: 879426006039

If you like colored gel pens then you are in for a real treat. The 6 Click Gel Pen is a super useful, multi color pen with gel ink. Multi pens are great because you can switch to different color easily; it’s just a click away. But what makes this pen special is that the ink is gel ink, a favorite for people who like the silky smooth way that gel ink writes. 6 Click Gel Pens have 6 gel colors; Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple, each with a 0.7mm tip great for fine line writing.

* Multi Color Pen with Gel Ink
* Smooth Writing
* Writes in 6 Colors
* 0.7mm Nib for Fine Ink Lines
* 5.5 Inches Long