Scented Sweet Stampers Double Ended Highlighters

Price: $6.00
SKU: 879426007791

Make deliciously scented highlights and adorn them with sweet looking stamps with the Sweet Stampers Scented Highlighters. Sweet Stampers are a fantastic companion for any highlighting tasks one might have; whether it’s highlighting in textbooks, school notes or even adding a specially sweet accessory to a greeting card. Sweet Stampers are double-ended markers with one side being a chiseled point felt tip highlighter and the other being a fun stamp shape. Sweet Stampers are scented too so you can make sweet smelling stamps like strawberry kissy lips, flower orange, star lemon, green apple, blueberry smiley face and a grape heart. Let Sweet Stampers sweeten up your day. Set of 6 highlighters.

* Double Ended Highlighters with Stamps
* One Side is a Marker and the Other is a Stamp
* 6 Different Colors and Scents
* Suitable for Children 3 and Up