What Is Inu-Chan?

Brought to life by our passion for the very best books, Inu-chan is the magical, cute little dog in the Brazos Bookstore logo.

Inu-chan is on a mission to sniff out a unique list of books for 50 lucky customers over the next six months. But first, we must get to know you! Visit the store and our booksellers will give you a brief 5-10 minute interview to help us learn more about your reading interests and tastes.

From April to September, Inu-chan will mail specially chosen, beautifully wrapped books to each subscribing customer. Your book will be a surprise, a book you might not choose for yourself but which Inu-chan thinks will delight you.

The program costs $25 per month. We will bill your credit card monthly as each item is mailed. If Inu-chan fails to deliver books you love, you may cancel your subscription. Inu-chan's books are exchangeable for the other special titles selected for the Inu-chan program. Returns for credit or money back cancel your subscription.

Register above for an Inu-chan interview. There are only 50 spots available. Once they have sold out, the program will be closed.

Come visit us or email inuchan@brazosbookstore.com to learn more!