Brazos Flights: Book Your Journey

Books are portals to discover the world. Brazos Bookstore offers custom flights of books that will inspire and engage adventurous readers. Choose your flightpath and then let the books travel to you. A perfect gift to give to a loved one (or yourself!). The journey begins January 2019. Each Flight costs $170. Six books total, one per month, will be delivered by USPS from January through June 2019 to the address provided.

Choose your Flightpath here. All Flights must be booked by December 31, 2018. Once we have received payment, a bookseller will be in touch to confirm all the details. Books begin to ship in January 2019.

DEBUTS PART DEUX / Our most popular route from last year returns. Featuring six of the most intriguing debut novels we can find; choose this flight path to find your next favorite author before anyone else!

WOMEN OF LATIN AMERICA / Take a tour through Central and South America, and choose this flight path through cutting edge fiction written by women from south of the border. Experience the new Latina Boom!

FITZCARRALDO EDITIONS / Despite consistently introducing the best in world literature to English language readers, London publisher, Fitzcarraldo Editions, remains little known on this side of the pond. Now, we’re aiming to change that! Choose this flight path and discover an amazing indie press.

THE TRIP FANTASTIC / Reality can be overrated. Choose to make your flight especially fantastic with this amazing tour of mind-boggling dystopia, fantasy, and science fiction.