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Books are portals to discover the world. Brazos Bookstore offers custom flights of books that will inspire and engage adventurous readers. Choose your flightpath and then let the books travel to you. A perfect gift to give to a loved one (or yourself!). The journey begins January 2018. Each Flight costs $150. Six books total, one per month, will be delivered by USPS from January through June 2018 to the address provided.

Choose your Flightpath here. All Flights must be booked by December 31, 2017. Once we have received payment, a bookseller will be in touch to confirm all the details. Books begin to ship in January 2018.

SKU: FlightsMaiden

MAIDEN VOYAGES / There is nothing better than stumbling across a debut novel heralding the arrival of a new talent and, perhaps, your next great reading obsession. All aboard for an uncharted trip through some of the best first-time novels coming out this year. From small press upstarts to highly anticipated major releases, MAIDEN VOYAGES is the flight to take when you're looking for something brand spanking new!

SKU: FlightsJapan

BIG IN JAPAN / There is no shortage of amazing literature coming from the land of the rising sun. From historical epics to quiet meditations on modern life to horrifying explorations of psychological darkness, Japanese authors push the boundaries of fiction in ways that have not occured to writers in the West. The shame is that so little of this rich literary culture has made its way into English translation. But that won't stop us from taking you on a trip through books that are BIG IN JAPAN!

SKU: FlightsWest

GO WEST! / The call of the great expansion since the 1800s has provided the backdrop for many of the dramatic conflicts throughout our nation's history. But literary Westerns are more than a simple theater of civilization vs wildness or man vs nature. They transcend generic tropes of white hats and native stereotypes to probe the dark heart at the birth of modernity. Our GO WEST! flight explores this incredibly elastic genre, and even offers takes from outside our borders. So saddle up and get ready to read, partner!

SKU: FlightsIndie

INDIE PRESS GUIDED TOUR / It's no secret that we love showcasing small independent presses here at Brazos. That's just where you find the most forward-thinking, risk-taking and experimental books around. From iconic publishers like New Directions to brash newbies like Transit Books and beyond, if you're looking for titles chosen specifically for their unique quality and not solely their potential to become bestsellers, then you need to take our INDIE PRESS GUIDED TOUR. .