Summer of Shakespeare: The Soliloquies

Friday, July 24, 2015 - 6:00pm
2421 Bissonnet Street
Houston, TX 77005

Friends, Romans, countrymen, you know it’s true: Shakespeare fans love a good speech. Pithy lines and clever words are catchy, but nothing captures Shakespeare’s command of language and dramatics like the most famous soliloquies, speeches, and monologues of his plays. His sense of pacing, the power of his verse, and his skill with voice and rhetoric shine brightest in the brilliant speeches he gives his characters. There’s a reason actors love performing Shakespeare!

Tonight, we’ll present to you the greatest hits of Shakespeare’s speeches: the famous soliloquies, the most powerful moments, and some of our favorite under-appreciated monologues, performed by members of the Houston Shakespeare Festival. Tonight’s event makes the perfect Shakespeare primer for newcomers to the canon, and anyone interested in seeing the best of the Bard.