Slavs and Tatars - MOLLA NASREDDIN

Monday, October 30, 2017 - 7:00pm
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Published between 1906 and 1930, Molla Nasreddin was a satirical Azeri periodical named after the legendary Sufi wise man-cum-fool of the Middle Ages (who reputedly lived in the thirteenth century in the Ottoman Empire). With an acerbic sense of humour and realist illustrations, Molla Nasreddin attacked the hypocrisy of the Muslim clergy, the colonial policies of European nations, and later the United States, towards the rest of the world and the corruption of local elites, while at the same time arguing for Westernisation, educational reform and equal rights for women. Read from Morocco to India, Molla Nasreddin was arguably the most important 20th century periodical of the Muslim world.

Given its progressive agenda, it remains as relevant today as a century ago.

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Slavs and Tatars is an art collective devoted to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and east of the Great Wall of China which has exhibited in major international institutions around the globe, including the MoMA, NY, Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, Dallas Museum of Art, Kunsthalle Zurich as well as at Houston's own Blaffer Museum last year. Slavs and Tatars lecture regularly, including recently at Stanford University, Princeton University, the Royal College of Art and Rietveld Academy. They have published more than six books, including their translation of the legendary Azeri satire Molla Nasreddin (IB Tauris, 2017).


Molla Nasreddin: Polemics, Caricatures & Satires Cover Image
By Slavs And Tatars (Editor)
ISBN: 9781784535483
Availability: Unlikely to Be Available
Published: I. B. Tauris & Company - April 30th, 2017