Mike Vance - MUD AND MONEY

Friday, July 26, 2019 - 6:30pm
2421 Bissonnet St.
Houston, TX 77005

Founded on the muddy banks of the confluence of White Oak and Buffalo Bayous, Houston has always been about the money. The founding developers made exaggerated claims about navigable waters, rolling hills and fresh ocean breezes, and young men came to fight for Texas’ independence from Mexico for a promised bounty of land as well as for the more nebulous dream of a grand new beginning. And, ever since, people have continued to come because of our reputation for opportunity. But once they’re here, they discover what really makes this town tick—all the diverse groups who have come here created a remarkable and resilient culture.

Why do people choose Houston? And why do they stay? In an accessible timeline packed with intriguing images, Mud and Money provides you with the people, places and tales that are integral to understanding the Houston story. 

Mike Vance has taken a unique path to become a Texas historian, building on new decades of work in professional media combined with a lifetime of history study. Mike is now the Creative Director at Bright Sky Publishing and the Content Coordinator for the upcoming remake of the Brenham Heritage Museum. Previously, he hosted a weekly regional history television program, co-hosted both a television sports show and an afternoon talk radio program in Houston, and performed a litany of award-winning national and regional voice over work and script and content writing.

In 2005, Vance founded Houston Arts and Media, a non-profit organization that creates innovative ways to educate Texans about their history. Through HAM, Vance wrote, produced and directed feature length documentaries, short films, web content and publications on Texas and Houston.

Today, Mike Vance is one of the best history story tellers in Texas. The documentary work that he has written, directed and produced has been recognized by top entities around the state and has enjoyed multiple airings on Texas PBS stations and on HISD-TV. His work totals seven feature length documentaries and over 150 short educational videos.

Vance lectured for several years on Houston history topics as part of the Continuing Studies program at Rice University and currently serves on the Harris County Historical Commission where he has authored five historical markers and contributed to many others. MUD AND MONEY is his sixth book.