Friday, May 13, 2016 - 7:00pm
2421 Bissonnet Street
Houston, TX 77005

The institution of St. John the Divine is the long shadow of God and man, heaven and nature, pastors and laity living their lives, hearing and experiencing the Word in liturgy, relationship, beauty, creation, music, crisis, commitment, prayer, service, worship, and witness.

Some write mainly about the church edifice, the stained glass windows, and organizations and ministries that are in every good church. St. John the Divine is all about the people: God in three persons; laity; rectors and associates; lives touched; lives forever transformed. Part of the work of the church is to tell the story.

This pictorial record starts at the beginning of St. John the Divine in 1939, and even a little before then, with people and events that shaped the founders and the plot. Then the action moves page-by-page; year-by-year; decade-by-decade; rector-by-rector; to 2015. Like all good stories, this one has setting, plot, characters, tension, climaxes, and denouement. Unlike most narratives, it has no end.

I hope you can see God's hand in all that transpired and all that made us who we are today in our 75th birthday year. May we look forward knowing: "the best is yet to be."
—Judy Frost, author