Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 7:00pm
2421 Bissonnet Street
Houston, TX 77005

Ches Smith will be in conversation with Houston's own Bloomsday Literary.

A failed suicide, a failed writer, and a failed husband, Ches is tragically depressed until he finds his muse in punk rocker/militia-marketer/free-spirited Thalia. Ches is haunted by Thalia's ghost—or perhaps a hallucination—and grows obsessed with writing her story, but due to his increasingly erratic behavior, he is quickly self-destructing. The pressures of work, an ex-wife, a crazed father, and an emotional crime spree culminate in a fantastic meta twist, creating a surprising end to this fabulously witty dark comedy.

Ches Smith is a former seminary student turned agnostic atheist with a degree in Biblical studies and half a Master of Divinity degree. To kill time until his inevitable demise, he works to support his family as a computer technician and writes to support his mental well-being. He lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Silvia, and their three children, Sarah, Cristian, and Max. Ches can be found online at