HBR Guide to Work-Life Balance (Kobo eBook)

HBR Guide to Work-Life Balance By Harvard Business Review, Stewart D. Friedman, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Peter Bregman, Daisy Wademan Dowling Cover Image
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A curated collection of HBR experts' tips, tricks, and strategies for juggling all of your most important personal and professional commitments.

  • Compiles the best advice from our Harvard Business Review community of experts to help readers achieve a greater balance among the many facets of their selves (work, home, play).
  • Provides a variety of tactics for readers to sample to manage the competing demands for their time and attention across all sectors of their full lives and for setting boundaries in our always-on work culture.
  • Addresses prioritization with a wide view of work and external interests and commitments. Picture a salesperson who's on the road but wants to stay healthy--how can they work out and eat well when the quality and availability of hotel gyms vary and their diet is at the mercy of client dinners and airport kiosks? Or a team leader who’s planning to stay late with her team to finish a time-sensitive product but whose child comes down with a stomach bug and her spouse is away on business.
  • Helps readers make choices, plan ahead, and make backup plans for those times when life and work are matched head-to-head and it feels as though you're letting every sector down.

Audience: Anyone struggling to find time for work, family, community, and personal commitments, such as working parents, people caring for elderly or sick family members while working full-time, people who have demanding jobs but also sit on nonprofit boards, people who work long days but also participate in community arts or sports programs.