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Jumbo Juicy Scented Highlighters

SKU: 879426006206

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a highlighter with sweet, juicy scents. Jumbo Juicy Scented Highlighters are a set of highlighters you won’t forget. With 5 different colors and fruity scents, highlighting documents, textbooks and what-not will never be the same. Jumbo Juicys come in Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Melon, Blueberry and Grape scents to bring some fruity appeal to your office or school day. Organize your notes or textbook with 5 bright highlighting colors. You’ll also enjoy these large highlighters with their easy to grip barrels and large 5.75” inch size.

Price: $9.50

Six Click Gel Pen

SKU: 879426006039

If you like colored gel pens then you are in for a real treat. The 6 Click Gel Pen is a super useful, multi color pen with gel ink. Multi pens are great because you can switch to different color easily; it’s just a click away. But what makes this pen special is that the ink is gel ink, a favorite for people who like the silky smooth way that gel ink writes. 6 Click Gel Pens have 6 gel colors; Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple, each with a 0.7mm tip great for fine line writing.

* Multi Color Pen with Gel Ink
* Smooth Writing
* Writes in 6 Colors

Price: $5.50

Lamy LX - Gold

SKU: LamyG
This all-new Lamy LX (“Luxe”) fountain pen features a body made from gold-colored anodized aluminum, a gold-coated clip, a translucent grey triangular grip section, and a black fine steel nib. It comes with a matching gold-colored anodized aluminum pen case.
Price: $70.00

6 Gel Ink Pens

SKU: 846680044237

Sometimes you need to let an idea gel — and we've got the perfect pen for that! Our Gel Ink Pens are perfect for inspired brainstorming, color-coding margin-notes and memos, and getting you giddy about getting your ideas on the page. Smooth as they come, once the gel gets going, the ideas start flowing.


* Set of 6 Gel Ink Pens
* Clear-bodied pen reveals the bright gel ink inside
* Features smooth matching metal clip
* .8mm medium tip glides across the page
* Designed by Poppin in NYC

Price: $12.00

Lost Art of Penmanship Mug

SKU: 814229007852
If you long for a little simple creativity, you'll appreciate the Unemployed Philosophers Guild Penmanship mug. Enjoy 12 ounces of your favorite beverage as you coax the clarity back into your handwriting. The mug shows the Zaner-Bloser cursive alphabet and numerals, along with arrow indicators to guide each stroke of your pencil. Inside the mug you'll find a miniature pad and pencil to help you recapture the Lost Art of Penmanship.
Price: $15.00

Peter Pauper Press Essential Dotted Journal Stencil Set

SKU: 9781441328854

Peter Pauper Press has created a 12-stencil set with over 300 designs for all of your bullet journaling, planning, or scrapbooking needs. The set comes with icons, symbols, banners, letter, numbers, and more. The set fits perfectly in the back of journal.

Price: $5.99