Ooly Lil' Paint Pods Watercolors

SKU: 879426005117

This Lil’ Paint Pods Watercolors is an essential set of 36 bright washable watercolors colors that will delight and inspire you. Embrace your creative spirit with this handy set of artsy tools. This convenient set is perfect for any artist. 

Price: $11.00

Floss & Rock Pets Magnetic Scene

SKU: 5055166353113

This fun Pets Magnetic Playset helps you make your own Fun Pet Scenes! Contains two interchangeable picture story backdrops - a Pet Parlour and a Park Scene for "walkies". Hours of fun can be had creating masterpieces with over 50 magnetic pieces. Fold down the box lid and store the magnetic pieces in the handy drawer for easy storage, perfect for at home or on the go! For ages old and up. 

Price: $20.00

Floss & Rock Construction Jigsaw 40 Piece Puzzle

SKU: 5055166350044

Ideal for fans of construction vehicles and heavy-duty trucks, this jigsaw puzzle from Floss and Rock is the perfect challenge for clever kids! Assemble the puzzle and reveal the delightful image, and then store it in the super-fun shaped box. 

Price: $17.00

Floss & Rock Pet Magnetic Scenes

SKU: 505516353113

Floss & Rock have created endless amounts of fun with their make your own Fun Pet Scenes. Box includes 50 magnetic pieces and 2 magnetic scenes that fold out. Choose your favorite magnets and play!


Price: $20.00

Waff Kase

SKU: 8724520030898

This colourful and vibrant pencil case is the perfect addition to your stationery set. Made with a soft silicone material, the WAFF Kase includes 20 assorted alphabet and emoji cubes that allow custom personalization, perfect to differentiate your pencil case from the rest! The size is a perfect practical storage for your favourite items including pens, keys, and more.

Price: $14.00

Construction Foil Puzzle

SKU: 9780735351905

Children will love the shiny foil embellished illustration of a busy construction site on the Construction Foil Puzzle from Mudpuppy. This 100 piece puzzle comes in a sturdy box that is also embellished with foil! This puzzle is a perfect gift for children ages 5 and up.

- 100 pieces

- 18 x 12", 45 x 30cm when complete

- Embellished with foil

- Ages 5+

- Box: 7.5 x 5 x 3.5", 19 x 13 x 9cm

- Puzzle greyboard contains 90% recycled paper. Printed with nontoxic, soy-based inks.

Price: $11.99

Mudpuppy Wooden Pattern Pop Magnetic Letters

SKU: 9780735352155

Pattern Pop Wooden Magnetic Letters from Mudpuppy, includes 40 wooden uppercase letters that features colorful patterns. Packed in a unique milk carton box with double snaps that allows for closing. These are perfect learning ABC's, spelling, decorating, and even writing messages on any magnetic surfaces. 

Price: $17.99

Muddpuppy Shaped Puzzle Dinosaurs

SKU: 9780735357280

Dinosaurs 300 Piece Shaped Scene Puzzle from Mudpuppy features a colorful scene of dinosaurs. The finished puzzle is die-cut in the shape of a dinosaur adding wow-factor when completed. Puzzle greyboard contains 90% recycled paper. Packaging contains 70% recycled paper. Printed with nontoxic inks.

Price: $17.00

Ooly 24 Brilliant Bee Crayons

SKU: 879426002444

Brilliant Bee Crayons have it all; they are bright, vivid, triangular, and made from beeswax. Each sets comes with 24 crayons in a wonderful reusable case with elastic to keep the box closed. Great for little hands as the triangular shape makes them easy to hold and they won't roll away. Brilliant Bees works great on black paper too.

Price: $13.00

eeBoo Pretend Play Veterinarian

SKU: 689196507984

eeboo's Veterinarian Pretend Play set has everything needed to treat even the most exotic animals. This set includes X-ray stickers, a medical chart, prescription pad, patient records, treats and a stethoscope. Promotes creativity and imagination. 

Price: $16.00