Cassie's Bayou Nature Walk

In preperation for our Summer of Walt Whitman Finale Party at the close of August, our events assistant Cassie went on a guided nature walk along the Bayou, led by Laura Conely of Urban Paths. Read about her nature walk here, and make plans to attend our upcoming nature walk!

On an overcast Wednesday after a couple days of storms, I nervously waited at the visitor center for a Buffalo Bayou walk with Urban Paths. I armed myself with a water, doused myself in sunscreen and bug spray, and counted myself lucky that it was still cloudy outside. Still, this was Houston. I added another layer of sunscreen.

After almost accidentally leaving with an elevation training group - something I did NOT want to do - I met up with Laura Conely. She introduced me to another walker and before I knew it, off we were. There was no turning back. I was dedicated to the three miles I was about to walk.

As we walked, I became more familiar with the Bayou. Laura pointed out things, of course, but I also noticed little things on my own. I realized that the sound of Houston traffic faded away into a quiet hum, like mechanical cicadas, and there weren’t any mosquitoes in sight. I reached high and let my fingertips brush against leaves and pressed my palms against the rough bark of the trees. We dodged the occasionally fast cyclist. The Buffalo Bayou was both peaceful and incredibly alive. 

Halfway through our walk, we were joined by a family. The chatter from the children took over as they found leaves, flowers, and sticks to take home. It made me wish I’d thought of collecting things throughout the walk, perhaps a leaf or flower to press into the pages of my journal. It’s a great idea for the next walk.

At the end of our three miles, which didn’t feel like three miles at all, we were sweaty but happy. We even ran into the dance teacher of the kids that were walking with us! For such a big city, Houston sure can be small. 

Taking the walk made me even more excited about our Walt Whitman Finale on August 28th. Our walk will be shorter, a little over a mile, but I bet it’s going to be just as fun. I cannot wait to see the creativity the Bayou inspires for others. It’s already worked wonders for me.

Our SUMMER OF WALT WHITMAN FINALE PARTY will be presented off-site at The Water Works in Buffalo Bayou Park | 105 Sabine Street. 

Join us as we close out our Summer of Walt Whitman with an evening of poetry and exploration along the Bayou! The walk will begin at The Water Works in Buffalo Bayou Park!

Presented in partnership with Urban Paths & Buffalo Bayou Partnership, we invite you into the urban wild to share poetry and a guided stroll along the bayou. The evening will round out with a reflection and journaling session! The bayou walk will be led by Laura Conely, founder of Urban Paths. Registration is limited to 30 guests. The $5 registration fee comes with a notebook!

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