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Summary and Analysis of How Not to Diet: The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss ByDr. Michael Greger, M.D.ABOUT THE BOOK: In this book, Dr. Greger draws to the importance of understanding the digits associated with weight loss before one can decide to embark on the weight loss journey. He asks the critical question such as "What it means to be overweight?" Overweight people have too much body fat, but obese people have way too much fat. He spells out the various BMI ranges from the ideal weight, overweight to obese. According to medical professions, a BMI of under 25 is the 'normal weight', but this changed in America from the late 1980s. The term 'Overweight' became the new 'Normal weight, ' and things have worsened ever since.
This book had been divided into five parts and analyzed accordingly. Part I entitled "The Problem" contains three chapters (1-3). Chapter 1 investigates factors that led to the rise of obesity in the USA and around the globe. Chapter 2 discusses the consequences of the obesity pandemic. Chapter 3 focuses on a number of solutions adopted in the fight against obesity. Part II has one chapter i.e. Chapter 4 titled "Ingredients for the Ideal Weight Loss-Diet" which explores the key ingredients for the development of the ideal recipe. Part III consists of Chapter 5 where the author builds the optimal weight loss diet from the ground up. Chapter 6 of the book makes up Part IV which is titled "Weight-Loss Boosters". In the chapter, tricks and tweaks to accelerate weight loss even for stubborn fat are unveiled. Part V titled "Dr. Greger's Twenty-One Tweaks" highlights the final chapter which shows further efforts by the author to encourage people to eat healthily and lose weight..Includes:
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