Effectiveness of Yoga upon Menopausal Symptoms (Paperback)

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Women of all ages are very precious and need to look after themselves. Themature woman has a larger role to play in the family and the society, so she must befit, graceful and full of "POISE" Aging is the natural progression of changes instructure and function that occur with the passage of time in the absence of knowndisease. Aging of the female reproductive system begins at 20 weeks gestation withregard to follicle atresia and proceeds as a continuum. It consists of a steady loss ofoocytes from atresia or ovulation, and does not necessarily occur at a constant rate.Because of the relatively wide age range (40-58 yrs) for natural menopause, chronologic age is a poor indicator of the beginning or the end of the menopausetransition.By 2025, worldwide, the number of postmenopausal women is expected torise to 1.1 billion. Life expectancy for women worldwide was 65 years in 1998 (79 yin more developed countries). This is expected to rise to 72 years worldwide by 2025(82 y in developed countries).In India one fifth of women aged 40-41 have reached menopause and theprevalence of menopause increases rapidly thereafter to 65% at the age 48-49(National Family Health Survey 2005-2006). As longevity increases, the populationof menopausal age group women is ever rising even in India. According to the IndianMenopausal Society, the number of menopausal women comes in around 43 million.The data of a multi-centric study conducted by the IMS in 2010 across the country show that menopausal age among women is now between 47 and 52 years as against the previous 40 - 45 years.

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