Effect of Yoga Nidra on the Adjustment of Graduate Students (Paperback)

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Background of the Study The concept of adjustment was originally biological one and was corner stone in Darwin's theory of evolution (1859). In biology the term usually employed in the sense of adaptation. Similarly, in Psychology, the term adjustment also means adaptation to one's environment. Adjustment is an important concept in psychology because it plays an important role in the development of an integrated personality. Adjustment refers to a relationship between an individual and his environment which helps in satisfying his motives (Morgan, 1961). According to Symonds (1946), "Adjustment can be defined as a satisfactory relationship of an organism to its environment". He added that adjustment is a process through which an organism moulds itself in response to conditions, it faces. Traxler (1966) viewed that "The most desirable state of adjustment is one in which the individual is perfectly happy and satisfied with all aspects of life". McKinney (1949) opined that "Adjustment is an essence in the building of attitudes or the changing of the environment so as to meet the thwarted or unsatisfied motives". According to Shaffer (1949) "Adjustment is the relationship which becomes established among biological heritage or organism, the environment and personality". Skinner (1952) stated that "Adjustment involves the organization of personality. This organization leads to the stability that is an active adjustment of individual to his social and physical environment". Smith (1961) in his words stated that "A good adjustment is one which is both realistic and satisfying. At least in the long run, it reduces to the minimum the frustration, the tension, and anxieties which a person must endure. It provides an evenness of satisfaction of the whole person, rather than the satisfaction of the one's intense drive at the expense of others". According to Munn (1956), "Adjustment is accommodating or fitting oneself to circumstances, as when we say that a student is adjusted to or gets along well, with the group in which he finds himself". Arkoff (1968) stated that "Adjustment can be defined as a person's interaction with his environment.

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