Third-Millennium Heart (Paperback)

Third-Millennium Heart By Ursula Andkjaer Olsen, Katrine Ogaard Jensen (Translator) Cover Image
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Poetry. Women's Studies. Translated from the Danish by Katrine gaard Jensen. With black humor and cutting logic, THIRD- MILLENNIUM HEART explores the confounding nature of power and desire, the problem of asserting a feminist alternative without recapitulating patriarchal power structures: The goal is to weaken every trace of odor. It will cost me my victory scent. Yet Olsen's ambivalence entails an embryonic potential: uncoupled from all normative arrivals, her syntax sprouts with mutant possibility, one nimbly conveyed by translator Jensen's flexible touch. From the darkness of this comajubilation, in a stutter-step of declarations and retractions, THIRD MILLENNIUM HEART is a work of radical re- conjuration: Together we will beat / in the great DELTA. A co-publication with Broken Dimanche Press (Berlin).
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ISBN: 9783943196450
ISBN-10: 3943196453
Publisher: Action Books
Publication Date: September 15th, 2017
Pages: 210
Language: English