When I Spoke in Tongues: A Story of Faith and Its Loss (Compact Disc)

When I Spoke in Tongues: A Story of Faith and Its Loss Cover Image
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Growing up in poverty in the rural backwoods of southern Maryland, Jessica Wilbanks and her family built their lives around the Pentecostal church. At sixteen, driven by a desire to discover the world, Jessica walked away from the church, driving a wedge between her and her deeply religious family. Ten years after leaving home, struggling with guilt and shame, Jessica began a quest to recover her faith. It led her to West Africa, where she explored the Yor├╣b├ n roots of the Pentecostal religion and finally began the difficult work of forgiving herself for leaving the church and her family to find her own path. When I Spoke in Tongues is a story of the painful and complicated process of losing oneΓ 's faith and moving across class divides. And in the end, itΓ 's a story of how a family splintered by dogmatic faith can eventually be knit together again through love.
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ISBN: 9781974926312
ISBN-10: 1974926311
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: November 13th, 2018
Language: English