Oh Sh*t, I'm Thirty!: 100 Real, Wise & Hilarious Things Every Woman Should Know to Own Thirty Like a Boss (Hardcover)

Oh Sh*t, I'm Thirty!: 100 Real, Wise & Hilarious Things Every Woman Should Know to Own Thirty Like a Boss By Ashlee D. Chesny Cover Image
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"I can't wait to turn thirty " said no woman ever. In this cutting edge collection of coming of age thoughts, Ashlee Chesny debuts her ability to capture the hearts and minds of women everywhere. Thirty may not have been on the radar, but now it is with the author's real and true advice for owning thirty like a boss. No need to grab the Ben and Jerry's and tissue box for this read. You will laugh, nod your head in agreeance and maybe pick up a few tips and tricks on owning your thirties. Thirty has never looked or sounded so good, until now.

This isn't a book that you are meant to read alone. It's a conversation starter of a long-dreaded subject. Grab your girls, grab the wine, grab the cupcakes and get ready for a read like no other.

Ashlee Chesny was born and raised in Detroit, MI. From an early age, she had the gift of gab and a knack for storytelling. When she found herself miserable in her corporate job in her mid-twenties, she gave it all up. What she would find on the other side of "letting go" would be her old love of storytelling. Ashlee would write her first children's book and then many more. Eventually, she'd start her children's nonprofit Genius Patch. Having the support of women of color the entire time, Ashlee has always wanted to find ways to help this deserving group find their own genius and live audaciously, too. She began doing so with writing projects, as a speaker, workshop leader, and Certified Life Purpose Coach. The ambitious author has many more titles in store for women and children of color alike.


Where do I even begin? Wait, actually I know exactly where to start I am by no means an avid reader. To be quite honest, I don't know if there has ever been a book to actually hold my attention. Well, correction until I read yours This book is something not only should every "30 something" year old read, but any woman] entering into a new phase in her life. 30 + gives us experiences that no one necessarily warns us about We hear about the purity of adolescence, we here about the importance of being young adults, and we hear about the God awful menopause However this book, bridges that gap giving all kinds of feels I experienced everything from "Oprah aha moments, to pure belly laughter, and even a few Amen's

This is a MUST READ

One of the many parts the resonated with me is # 4 Accept Compliments. The words, "Plus, the giver of compliment wasn't asking you to agree. They were sharing how they feel." I felt that.

I can honestly go on without hesitation, but I wouldn't want to spoil all of the pleasantries the book has to offer, you would just have to read it for yourself

PS. This list belongs in COSMO

-Nikki M.

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ISBN: 9781953426093
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Publisher: Chesny Enterprises
Publication Date: February 27th, 2020
Pages: 150
Language: English