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"Which is why iths time for me to move to the steps outside my front door, where I can enjoy the breeze that comes and goes as it wishes. Too bad houses in California have no basements, where it's always cooler; if they did, I would break into one now. It's so hot that I can't even hide in my bedroom, which is located on the second level of our apartment, and includes just one window, which is more like an arrowslit, that's how tiny and useless it is. Not only does it not let an adequate amount of fresh air in and what does blow inside is mostly dust and soot it hardly provides any daylight, forcing us to turn on the light even when sunshine reigns outside. To have to turn on the light during the day in sunny Southern California pretty much fits the definition of 'tragedy.'"

Praise For…

Imagine Alexis de Tocqueville, not as the nineteenth-century Frenchman who wrote "Democracy in America", but as a twenty-first century poet and competitive swimmer from Poland who pens delightful feuilletons. I still recall indelible truths from de Tocqueville’s "Democracy" read decades ago, in the same way that I will hold dear equally rhapsodic and sardonic lines from Piotr Florczyk’s "Los Angeles Sketchbook". Critic, scholar, translator, poet, Florczyk animates our most vulnerable and absurd moments as a culture, and he does it with playful intelligence and great good humor.
--Sandra Alcosser, author of "Except by Nature" and "A Fish to Feed All Hunger"

Piotr Florczyk’s "Los Angeles Sketchbook" is a revelation: ruminative, bold, personal, vision-changing. The great city blows out of these pages on winds of paradox that only a poet can foment, leaving us startled and grateful, not the least because a gifted writer has graced us with new sight.
--Andrew Winer, author of "The Marriage Artist" and "The Color Midnight Made"
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ISBN: 9781941550465
Publisher: Spuyten Duyvil Publishing
Publication Date: May 7th, 2015
Pages: 216