Anne Brontë Reimagined: A View from the Twenty-First Century (Paperback)

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"With skilled close readings of her work, Hay convincingly argues that Bront 's writing on loneliness and society's expectations for women remain relevant ... accessible ... a fine place to start for readers new to her work." Publishers WeeklyAnne Bront is now widely believed to have written the finest of all the Bront works--and the first ever feminist novel. Why, then, is she less famous than Charlotte and Emily? Discover the real Anne and why she remained for so long in her sisters' shadow.

Anne's writing has often been compared harshly with that of Charlotte and Emily--as if living in her sisters' shadows throughout her life wasn't enough. But her reputation, literary and personal, has changed dramatically since Agnes Grey was first published in 1846. Then, shocked reviewers complained of her "crudeness" and "vulgarity"--words used to this day to belittle women writing about oppression.

Her second and most famous work, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, was groundbreaking in its subject matter: marital and alcohol abuse and the rights of married women. A book that refused to sweep difficult truths under the rug. A book so ahead of its time that even her sisters weren't ready for it, Charlotte being one of its harshest critics. And yet today's critics see it as perhaps the best of all the Bront works. With such a contradictory life and legacy: who was Anne, really? It's time to find out.

About the Author

Adelle Hay is an academic at the University of Loughborough, England, where her research focuses on textual criticism of Anne Bronte's work, and how it has been edited ever since Anne's day. She is a lifelong Bronte aficionada and a passionate advocate for Anne Bronte's place in the canon of classic English writers, alongside her better-known sisters, Charlotte and Emily. The Brontes inspired Adelle's love of books from a young age, and her dream is to create a digital archive of all the Bronte manuscripts in existence, ensuring the sisters' seminal writing is preserved for future generations to read, interpret and enjoy.
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