Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness: How to Survive in an Illogical World (Hardcover)

Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness: How to Survive in an Illogical World By Glenn Dakin Cover Image


Who better to teach us mindfulness and wisdom than Mr. Spock, that beacon of calm, rational thought. With quotes from STAR TREK and timely insights about modern life this book will be your guide. In a universe that seems to have gone mad, we turn to mindfulness to restore sanity. When humanity has lost its way, it takes a Vulcan to raise an eyebrow at our folly and lead us towards the truth. After all, it's only logical ...

The perfect holiday gift for the Star Trek fan in your life!

Essays on focus, computers, social media, love, family, self-acceptance and more.Filled with actual quotes from Mr. Spock and Star Trek characters, along with black & white illustrations. Includes source listing from TV episodes.

About the Author

Glenn Dakin is a cartoonist and writer. He is the author of the Candle Man book series, and has contributed to a number of British comics including Escape and Deadline and was part of the British small press comics scene in the 1980s. His main creations are Temptation and the semi-autobiographical strip Abe. Glenn and the Hero Collector creative team are based in London, England.

Praise For…

When the world seems out if its mind, a little Vulcan mindfulness can be just the salve - I adore this adorable book.
- Bryan Fuller, co-creator of Star Trek: Discovery

Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness is one of those volumes that sticks in your mind and not just for the title. It can be a little whimsical in its narrative at times but the whole is such an engaging read with real love for the franchise permeating every page and word because Dakin manages to balance the line of keeping it tonally light while both honouring the legacy and poking that little bit of fun at the franchise with the twists and turns woven into Spock's story - for continuity fans you'll have a whale of a time I have no doubt. 
- Star Trek Club Stoke on Kent

From the inside cover
This book is a light-hearted exploration of the wisdom of Mr. Spock from the STAR TREK TV show and is not intended as a serious guide to mindfulness.

Unless you are half-Vulcan already, it will not enable you to overcome your emotional side, any more than it will teach you how to perform the Vulcan nerve pinch or mind-meld with a rock creature. As a look at human life from an alien point of view it may serve as a mildly helpful and occasionally amusing perspective.

To expect to achieve true enlightenment from a book of TV quotes and cartoons is not logical.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781858759531
ISBN-10: 1858759536
Publisher: Hero Collector
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 112
Language: English