Golden Gate Jumper Survivors Society (Paperback)

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Fiction. Short Stories. California Interest. A battle of wills emerges when one of the suicide survivors in the Golden Gate Jumper Survivors Society turns the meetings into a yoga class. A small town is gripped by a lawn ornamentation craze. A woman dresses up as Paul Bunyan to rob banks to pay her ailing mother's exorbitant nursing home bills. A married couple decides to 3-D print a son...and his entire childhood. GOLDEN GATE JUMPER SURVIVORS SOCIETY is a funny and poignant story collection about everyday people confronting everyday challenges with escalating absurdity. Reminiscent of the work of Aimee Bender, Ross Wilcox's stories will make you view the mundane in an entirely new way.

Funny and deft and weird and heartbreaking. This book is super cool and one of a kind.--Kate Durbin

Poignant and elegiac and full of calm desperation, Ross Wilcox's short story collection is a parable of survival--the remains of people and places, traces of presence--and the search for some kind of truth, however fallible and fleeting. Wilcox rejoices in the bizarre and absurd, but also attends to the mundanities of everyday life with deft precision. Reading GOLDEN GATE JUMPER SURVIVORS SOCIETY is an unnerving experience, in which death and life, the dead and the living, converge.--Chris Campanioni

From the seemingly impossible to the devastatingly real, the stories in Ross Wilcox's GOLDEN GATE JUMPER SURVIVORS SOCIETY serve as touching portraits of everyday Americans. Leavened with dry humor, the collection delivers us the country-road bonfires, suburban rivalries and unattainable aspirations of the hopeful and the disillusioned, the survivors and the strugglers, the green and the seasoned--from a writer who has mastered the short story form. Wilcox's characters will continue to pester you for a smoke and ask for a ride long after the stories have ended.--Farooq Ahmed

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ISBN: 9781733367240
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Publisher: 7.13 Books
Publication Date: August 7th, 2020
Pages: 150
Language: English