Henry Kissinger, Mon Amour (Paperback)

Henry Kissinger, Mon Amour By Conor Bracken Cover Image
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Poetry. Winner of the 2017 Frost Place Chapbook Competition. The debut collection of poems by Conor Bracken strips Henry Kissinger--a synecdoche for Eurocentric heteropatriarchy and US Cold War transgressions--naked, and is as transfixed as it is horrified by what it sees. From the Great Rift Valley to southeastern France to the cobbled streets of Buenos Aires, HENRY KISSINGER, MON AMOUR traces the sticky footprints of Western power structures, conjuring the more decrepit and indefensible postures of US Cold War policy, while sussing out the contours of the totalitarian worldview that nourishes them.
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ISBN: 9781495157684
ISBN-10: 1495157687
Publisher: Bull City Press
Publication Date: September 5th, 2017
Pages: 48
Language: English