Living Well Through The Menopause: An evidence-based cognitive behavioural guide (Paperback)

Living Well Through The Menopause: An evidence-based cognitive behavioural guide By Myra Hunter, Melanie Smith Cover Image
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An essential book to help women journey through menopause with the confidence and skills to cope effectively with menopause symptoms using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

CBT is proven as an effective alternative for women who are looking for non-medical approaches for challenging menopause symptoms, and for those who do not want or are unable to use hormone therapy (HT). Written in an accessible and interactive style, with case examples and quotes, this guide will empower you to take control of your menopause.

It covers:
- Taking a bio-psycho-social approach to understand the range of factors that might influence your experience of the menopause
- Preparing for the menopause - no need to expect the worst!
- Using interactive questions and tasks to help you understand the links between menopause symptoms, thoughts, feeling and coping behaviours
- Helping you to implement your key goals for this important stage of your life, whether your menopause is early or 'on time' or a consequence of surgery or breast cancer treatment
- Enhancing your self-esteem through behaviour change and a compassionate mindset
- Helping partners and loved ones to support you through the menopause

Living Well Through the Menopause is based on a wealth of psychological research, including randomised controlled trials of the MENOS CBT intervention with over 1000 women, that has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach for treating hot flushes, night sweats, low mood, insomnia and their negative impact on daily life.

Living Well self-help guides use clinically proven techniques to treat long-standing and disabling conditions, both psychological and physical.

Series Editors: Professor Kate Harvey and Emeritus Professor Peter Cooper

About the Author

Myra Hunter (Author)
Myra Hunter is Emeritus Professor of clinical health psychology with King's College London. She has published over 200 journal articles and 8 books and her research on menopause has established her as an international expert in the field. She was expert psychology advisor for the NICE guidance on menopause, 2015. Her recent work includes developing and trialling a cognitive behavioural intervention for hot flushes and night sweats, as well as conducting a study - MENOS@work - that aims to improve the experience of menopause for working women.

Melanie Smith (Author)
Dr Melanie Smith is a clinical psychologist working in the NHS and private practice. She has specialised in working with people with long term health conditions with particular interests in menopause and chronic pain. She was lead therapist on the MENOS trials and provides training in CBT for menopause symptoms for health professionals in conjunction with the British Menopause Society, as well as continuing to work with women in group and 1:1 settings in private practice.

Praise For…

'When it comes to hot flushes, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is top of the list for helping shrug off negative thoughts and shepherd meandering minds back to stillness. To say I was extremely sceptical before I made my 2018 menopause programme - The Truth About Menopause - is an understatement. As part of my research, I met five women who weren't able to take HRT, but suffered from debilitating hot flushes, which had devastating consequences on their quality of life. I watched them going through a CBT programme, at the end of which they had seen a dramatic reduction in hot flushes, and night sweats which affect mood and sleep. I sped from sceptic to full fangirl when the results were revealed. The transformation in this group of hitherto suffering women was extraordinary; they radiated contentment and confidence' - Mariella Frostrup, presenter, The Truth About Menopause, BBC 1

'I have worked with the authors over a number of years to make CBT for menopausal symptoms available to women - through factsheets and other resources on the Women's Health Concern website. We have also worked together to provide tools for clinicians and training for health professionals via the British Menopause Society. This excellent book provides not only a practical guide, but is an evidence-based resource women can trust, use and benefit from' - Sara Moger, Chief Executive, British Menopause Society
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