It's Raining Frogs and Fishes: Four Seasons of Natural Phenomena and Oddities of the Sky (Wonders of Nature #1) (Paperback)

It's Raining Frogs and Fishes: Four Seasons of Natural Phenomena and Oddities of the Sky (Wonders of Nature #1) By Glenn Wolff (Illustrator), Jerry Dennis Cover Image
By Glenn Wolff (Illustrator), Jerry Dennis
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It's Raining Frogs and Fishes is a generously illustrated inquiry into wonders of the sky: Why is the sky blue? Where do meteors originate? What causes rainbows, mirages, and the colors of the sunset? Why do some birds and insects migrate, and how do they navigate over hundreds or thousands of miles to do it? How have civilizations throughout history viewed the aurora borealis, tornadoes, eclipses, and the bizarre but well documented cases of fish, reptiles, snails, and even snakes that have rained to earth? Author Jerry Dennis and illustrator Glenn Wolff approach such questions with curiosity and wit, and suggest ways to observe first-hand extraordinary weather, astronomical anomalies, and odd and interesting wildlife of the skies.

This updated edition of the national bestseller is a spellbinding look into the natural world's most fascinating and baffling phenomena, with illustrated explanations of rainbows, meteors, sunsets, hurricanes, the northern lights, bird and insect flight, and dozens of other curiosities. Subjects are arranged by season, and each is discussed in a concise and entertaining style that blends the most recent scientific findings with historical anecdotes, personal observations, and examples of the lore and superstitions that have always surrounded phenomena of the skies.


"Amusing and illuminating...This writer-artist team shines a bright and lovely light on nature." Los Angeles Times

"Charming, informative, humorous, and scholarly... embraces wind and weather, the sun, the moon and stars, the seasons of the year and the effect of these things on the denizens of this planet. It is a delight." Nelson Bryant, The New York Times

"Vastly entertaining, valuable... Makes natural history so much fun the reader is sucked from paragraph to paragraph, page to page, chapter to chapter." St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"This delightful look at a cornucopia of fact and lore. Wit, humor, wonder, and reverence spice and season the vignettes herein. It's Raining Frogs and Fishes reminds adults -- especially in this hectic, fast-paced, just-do-it world -- that it is more than OK, it is desirable, to be child-like and to look up at the heavens and ask why." Toledo Blade

"For anyone interested in natural history, there are few texts to rival this one." Booklist

"As leaves fall and the sky becomes more noticeable, you're likely to look towards the heavens and wonder at their mysteries... Author Jerry Dennis and illustrator Glenn Wolff address the questions with intelligence, wit and artistry." Atlanta Constitution

"A delightful book, both readable and informative -- like the best of Hal Borland and Edwin Way Teale...You've many hours of pleasure waiting with It's Raining Frogs and Fishes." Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Parents take note: Here's how to explain comets (stars with horrid hair) and frost (flowers of ice)... surprisingly nontechnical." Detroit Free Press

"With text that mesmerizes, drawings that enchant, and a dust jacket that simply feels good, this book calls you to hold it open before you." The Oakland Press

"This wonderfully illustrated book will make heroes of parents and teachers, who will be able to explain nature's magic and the superstitions surrounding it." El Paso Times

"This is a perfect choice for adults and kids alike who want to discover more about how the world is put together. Dennis has done a good job of entertaining and informing at the same time, and Glenn Wolff's black-and-white illustrations gracefully supplement the fact-filled text. It's enjoyable reading and a good reference for anyone's library." Sacramento Bee

About the Author

Jerry Dennis's essays on nature have appeared in The New York Times, Smithsonian, Audubon, Orion, and many other publications. His books, most of them illustrated by Glenn Wolff, have received wide acclaim, have been translated into five languages, and have won numerous awards. He lives in northern Michigan. Visit him at Glenn Wolff grew up in northern Michigan but he began his career in New York City as an illustrator for The New York Times, Village Voice, the Central Park Conservancy, and the New York Zoological Society. In addition to his collaborations with Jerry Dennis, he has illustrated a broad range of subjects, including food, Christmas, mythical beasts, and lost continents. Glenn's mixed media fine art is shown throughout the U.S. and Canada and is included in numerous private and public collections. More on his work can be found at
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