The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death (Hardcover)

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The Noble Hustle is Pulitzer finalist Colson Whitehead's hilarious memoir of his search for meaning at high stakes poker tables, which the author describes as Eat, Pray, Love for depressed shut-ins.

On one level, The Noble Hustle is a familiar species of participatory journalism--a longtime neighborhood poker player, Whitehead was given a $10,000 stake and an assignment from the online online magazine Grantland to see how far hecould get in the World Series of Poker. But since it stems from the astonishing mind of Colson Whitehead (MacArthur Award-endorsed ), the book is a brilliant, hilarious, weirdly profound, and ultimately moving portrayal of--yes, it sounds overblown andridiculous, but really --the human condition.

After weeks of preparation that included repeated bus trips to glamorous Atlantic City, and hiring a personal trainer to toughen him up for sitting at twelve hours a stretch, the author journeyed to the gaudy wonderland that is Las Vegas the world's greatest Leisure Industrial Complex -- to try his luck in the multi-million dollar tournament. Hobbled by his mediocre playing skills and a lifelong condition known as anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure) Whitehead did not spoiler alert - win tens of millions of dollars. But he did chronicle his progress, both literal and existential, in this unbelievably funny, uncannily accurate social satire whose main target is the author himself.
Whether you ve been playing cards your whole life, or have never picked up a hand, you re sure to agree that this book contains some of the best writing about beef jerky ever put to paper.

About the Author

COLSON WHITEHEAD is the New York Times bestselling author of Zone One, Sag Harbor, The Intuitionist, John Henry Days, Apex Hides the Hurt, and one collection of essays, The Colossus of New York. A Pulitzer Prize finalist, a recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award, and a MacArthur Fellowship, he lives in New York City.

Praise For…

"Whitehead serves up an engrossing mix of casual yet astute reportage and hang-dog philosophizing, showing us that, for all of poker’s intricate calculations and shrewd stratagems, everything still hangs on the turn of a card."
   - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"As a novelist of considerable range, Whitehead consistently writes about more than he's ostensibly writing writing a poker book that should strike a responsive literary chord with some who know nothing about the game...Engaging in its color and character."
-Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN: 9780385537056
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Publisher: Doubleday Books
Publication Date: May 6th, 2014
Pages: 256
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