Shopping, or The End of Time (Wisconsin Poetry Series) (Paperback)

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“I am going to make a poem,” writes Emily Bludworth de Barrios, “As if / I could put beautiful things in a box to keep them there.” With Shopping, or The End of Time she has done that and so much more. These kaleidoscopic images reflect and reverberate across time and space, revealing collisions of identity, motherhood, childhood, houses, shopping malls, industrial canals—the hopes and fears of what we’ve lost and gained over the decades in our mad rush for connection, for ownership, for goods.

A detective’s red thread spiderweb mapping the constellations among parenting, capitalism, aging, and ghosts, this stunning collection is wistful, unmoored, glamorous, and immense. These tour-de-force poems simultaneously capture an impression of emptiness and pleasure, of existing in a liminal space filled with both hollowness and potential. 
  Even though we lived at the edge of a great rupture,
It was difficult to tell when the world broke.
—Excerpt from “Ravine”

About the Author

Emily Bludworth de Barrios is a poet whose books and chapbooks include Women, Money, Children, Ghosts; Splendor; and Extraordinary Power. Her poems have appeared in publications such as The Poetry Review, Harvard Review, Oxford Poetry, and Cincinnati Review. She was raised in Houston, Cairo, and Caracas, and now lives in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, with her husband and three children. 

Praise For…

“Marrying novelistic breadth and autobiographical intimacy, Shopping, or The End of Time invents a new poetic genre: the sociolyric. Impersonal and personal at once, these poems shift from collective to individual experience with dizzying rapidity. Their deft lines jump-cut across social experiences connected inequitably by a consumer culture thriving on violence against women and the Earth’s accelerating destruction. This is an innovative collection with impressive critical and emotional range.”—Brian Teare

“Bludworth de Barrios is a kind of sorcerer-historian, an uncanny conjurer of terrestrial relations, a maneuverer of periscopes. This is a book of fierce attention to and engagement with what it means to be a person, a parent, a subject of a nation-state, a consumer, an heir to other people’s ghosts, a hungry mind, a participant in both hope and horror as one small part of ‘the fluttering world.’ It left me rattled and wonderstruck.”—Robin Myers, translator of Copy by Dolores Dorantes

“An extraordinary journey through family life, consumerism, guilt, time and space, and the crises of climate and capitalism. A beautiful, profound book without sentimentality or reductionism: a raw truthfulness arrived at through difficult work of the heart.”—Jack Underwood, author of A Year in the New Life
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ISBN: 9780299340940
ISBN-10: 0299340945
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: Wisconsin Poetry Series