The Magician's Lie (Greer Macallister)

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Magicians lie by trade—illusion, fantasy, carefully drawn  scenarios with precisely chosen words—so I’ll admit: I really only picked up this book to see how redundant the title was. I need to thank my bitter skepticism for leading me to this fabulous historical fiction-mystery-romance. THE MAGICIAN’S LIE is the story of The Amazing Arden, caught and interrogated by a young policeman on the night her husband is murdered: murdered, they think, during the Halved Man trick of her act. As she spills out her story to Virgil, it’s hard not to get caught up in the illusion, too—but the question hangs: what’s true? Her story screams for sympathy—a young woman hurt by self-absorbed parents, by sexual violence, by a world with no time for her—and as she becomes sure of herself, learning her trade and becoming her own person, I was ready to fight to the death for her. But the question remains—where’s the lie? You’ll race to find out like I did, led along by Arden’s vibrant voice and sharply-etched imagery as memorable as a stage illusionist should be.

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Published: Sourcebooks Landmark - January 13th, 2015

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