Landline (Rainbow Rowell)

Article by marycatherine

There are few things better than cuddling up with the newest from Rainbow Rowell, and LANDLINE does not disappoint! Georgie's job as a sitcom writer is a huge part of her life, and until now, her husband Neal has been willing to sacrifice a lot to support these dreams. But when the opportunity of a lifetime comes along, at the expense of Christmas with Neal and her children, Georgie takes the job...and Neal takes the kids home to Nebraska anyway. Faced with a monster deadline and the consequences of her choice, Georgie camps out at her (bedazzled velvet track suit-wearing) mom's house and tries to call Neal from her old yellow landline phone. However, the Neal who answers the phone isn't the one she expects: it's Neal in 1998, home for Christmas after he and Georgie--then his girlfriend--had a big fight.


What follows, in conversations and flashbacks, is a story of rediscovered love and the power of being reminded why you fell in love in the first place. It's about family and priorities and nostalgia, but it also has plenty of wit. I especially loved the vintage sitcom references and snappy dialogue. LANDLINE isn't high literary fiction, but it isn't trying to be. What makes Rowell's writing so special is the authenticity of her characters' interactions and, of course, her (pop) cultural savvy. A perfect summer, beach, porch, rocking chair, easy chair, airplane, road trip read!

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