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Jasper Fforde’s CHRONICLES OF KAZAM series combines magic, parody, wit, and adventure to create an irresistible story that’s sure to please every member of the family! This favorite of parents, teachers, and kids is a perfect literary outing, especially for middle grade and teen readers.

In the first installment, THE LAST DRAGONSLAYER, Jennifer Strange is just a normal, non-magical girl working at Kazam Mystical Arts Management, a magical employment agency. Ever since magic began to disappear around the world, jobs for wizards and sorcerers disappeared along with it, leaving a trail of bureaucracy and menial labor in its wake. But, when Jennifer achieves instant fame as the chosen slayer of the Last Dragon, everything changes. Especially when she gets to know the dragon...and finds out he’s a pretty cool guy...for a dragon, you know. The adventure continues in SONG OF THE QUARKBEAST, Jennifer and her gang of magical misfits go up against King Snood IV and make the world safer for all of us! 

The latest addition to the series, THE EYE OF ZOLTAR, picks up with Jennifer as she is commanded by the Mighty Shandar to find the titular Eye of Zoltar or risk a dastardly fate. The world Fforde has created for these novels is a whimsical wonderland with high stakes, but enough humor to keep the reading light and the pages turning at a rapid rate. Kids will be caught up in the action and cracked up by the unexpected twists and characterizations. 

Whether you’re a fan of Fforde’s prolific work for adults or the CHRONICLES OF KAZAM, we hope you’ll join us October 15 at 7pm to hear about THE EYE OF ZOLTAR and pester him for details of the upcoming fourth and final installment! We can’t wait to see you!

Our young readers are buzzing about EYE OF ZOLTAR! Check out their reviews. You can trust them, they’re experts!


“Are you a person looking for a very unusual adventure?  Do you want excitement, magical creatures, magicians, and a very dangerous quest? Then you should read THE EYE OF ZOLTAR  by Jasper Fforde, which will be coming out soon.

The backstory is that an ancient magician made a vow to kill all of the dragons in the Un-United Kingdom but never came through on this vow. Therefore, when he meets the main character, He threatens to kill all of the dragons- when the main character has two dragon friends (one likes the Doobie Brothers). He then makes a deal with her- find the Eye of Zoltar, a precious artifact- or he will fulfill his vow. But why would this magician want anything to do with this artifact? Find out in this book! Filled with adventure, near-deaths, lovable quarkbeasts, magic, a corrupt kingdom, pirates, and more, this book is sure to take you on a journey you will never forget. (Also check out the first two books in the series!)”

-Joshua M., age 11

“This book is very funny and unpredictable. Every page, something different happens. It kept me hooked! The characters aren’t all good or all bad, so they’re very interesting!”

-Hannah W., age 10


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ISBN: 9780547738499
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Published: HMH Books for Young Readers - October 7th, 2014

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