Acorn Reading Society 2024

Have a hard time keeping up with that voracious young reader in your life? Want to shower a new baby with books for their first year? Looking for the perfect gift for Brazos fans out of town? Let us do the work for you!


Each child with membership to the Acorn Reading Society will receive a new book by mail each month according to their age, reading level, and preferences. The Brazos Kids Specialist will select a book and mail it out at the beginning of the month. We have several plans available, so you can find the perfect one for your young reader. After all, a love of reading is the gift that keeps on giving!


All subscriptions must be placed by December 26, 2023. Happy reading!

2024 Acorn subscription sales have closed. 

Please select your option below.


BOARD BOOKS (Newborn - 1 Year)

6 Months - $120 | 12 Months - $215

A new board book each month! Perfect for new parents, baby showers, and first birthdays!


PICTURE BOOKS (2 - 5 Years)

6 Months - $185 | 12 Months - $335

A new hardcover picture book each month! Perfect for families that love story time or kids who aren't quite ready for chapters yet.


NEW PAPERBACKS (6 - 12 Years)

6 Months - $130 | 12 Months - $230

A new paperback release each month! Perfect for beginning young readers or kids who could use a push to explore beyond a single series and broaden their literary horizons. We also recommend this for graphic novel lovers.


NEW HARDCOVERS (7 - 12 Years)

6 Months - $185 | 12 Months - $335

A new hardcover release each month! Perfect for the kids who have read everything.


A book, chosen just for them, packaged with brightly colored papers

A personal note from the Kids Specialist saying why she chose that book for them

And during their birthday month, a special gift item!


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