Tim Russert Is Dead. But the Room is Alive.

Article by liz

THIS TOWN (Two Parties and a Funeral--Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking!--in America's Gilded Capital), Mark Leibovich's fascinating expose of Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill's incestuous and limelight-obsessed culture, splashed onto the nonfiction scene last summer. It instantly captivated us with its mercilessly cutting anecdotes of the movers and shakers and hangers-on of our nation's capital. We're thrilled to welcome Mark Leibovich to Brazos Bookstore on Tuesday, May 6 at 7PM for THIS TOWN's paperback release.

As the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, Leibovich has been hailed by pundits nationwide for his clear-eyed political profiles of the players in America's political game. Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic hailed Leibovich for his "ability to make his profile subjects look like rock stars, on the one hand, and to make others look like complete idiots, on the other," an ability that Leibovich brings to bear on the entirety of THIS TOWN. THIS TOWN opens a Pandora's box of secrets and unspoken codes of Capitol Hill, bringing to light all the ritual, madness, and dysfunction that Washington outsiders never see. Beginning with Meet the Press host Tim Russert's funeral in October 2008 and proceeding from there, THIS TOWN never shies away from describing, in lurid detail, the decidedly unglamorous side of politics.

After THIS TOWN's release, Leibovich found himself inundated with tweets and emails as readers shared their own politics-related quotes and anecdotes, all tagged #ThisTown, all remarking on the typical Washington-ness of each instance, whether it was skirting the issue at hand, partisan political punditry, or nigh-Orwellian levels of verbal gymnastics. Leibovich retells his experience of THIS TOWN's release and reception, including some of the responses he received from players mentioned in the book, in a completely new afterword for the paperback edition. If you feel like laughing until you cry--and then maybe actually crying about the state of our nation--join us Tuesday at 7PM for an evening with Mark Leibovich.

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