Texas Independent Bookstore Day is Coming Up This Saturday

When I first moved to Texas, I had a lot of assumptions. As a born-and-bred New Englander, it was hard for me to understand that lots of things drive people to Texas. It’s not just the cliché reasons, tied to notions of independence, business, modern-day cowboys. It’s also the state’s thriving arts scene. The New Englander in me sniffed at the notion that Texas could be progressive. As soon as I spent some time here, though, I learned my mistake.

A perfect entry point into Texas' arts and culture is to look at its independent bookstores, which are deeply tied to their communities. To say this—that an indie is more than a retail space but is also a community hub—has become almost a cliché, but one that happens to be true. This seems evident to me in the way that Texas’ great bookstores function, from Brazos in Houston to BookPeople in Austin, from The Twig in San Antonio to the brand new Interabang Books in Dallas. Of course, there are many more great ones, and that’s the point: as Texas communities grow, the need for cultural hubs increases in lockstep.

So that’s why we’re excited to launch the first annual Texas Independent Bookstore Day on August 5! Each participating store has the freedom to craft its programming in the way that best serves its community, which is what makes this exciting to me. For our part, Brazos aims to highlight some of the other businesses and vendors in the area who form and enrich our community, while also offering great books to our customers. Every day I am stunned by and grateful for the support of our community.

It took a snobby New Englander like me just a little bit of time in Texas’ independent bookstore community to understand this state is a lot more than just cowboys.

Plans at Brazos include:

10:30am: A Texas-themed family story time in the morning, with activities, crafts, and a scavenger hunt

1pm-3pm: The debut of our Paper and Pen Pal Club, which celebrates the value of old-fashioned communication, as well as complimentary coffee

4-5pm: Happy Hour! With beer from 11 Below (sponsored by Spec’s) and specially-curated music from our friends at Cactus Music

6-8pm: A local vendor market, spotlighting some of our favorite Houston artisans, and food

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