Summer of Shakespeare

Article by Jeremy

“All that glitters is not gold.” “In a pickle.” “What’s done is done.” “Every dog will have his day.”

Why are these common phrases—and many more—painted on our windows? Check out the illustration beside our door for the answer. Artist Sara Hinkle has filled our windows with Shakespeare this summer! The Bard coined all the above phrases, and we’re celebrating his work all summer long.

In partnership with the Houston Shakespeare Festival (HSF), we present a Summer of Shakespeare! A project of the University of Houston’s School of Theater and Dance, HSF is a long-standing Houston institution. Each summer, it presents two of Shakespeare’s plays at Miller Outdoor Theater, sharing a cast and performing each show on alternating nights. The 2015 performances are Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice. In preparation for and celebration of these shows, we’re delighted to host events in-store with HSF, including performances and book groups. In August, once the HSF shows get started, our Shakespeare programming continues with a kid-friendly performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream from our partners at Main Street Theater, and with a final book club for one of Shakespeare’s last plays, The Tempest.

Shakespeare is meant to be performed—the words on the page are amazing, but Shakespeare. is. theater. There’s a rhythm and beauty to the language lost when simply reading words on a page. This is the reason these rich, complex plays have been performed for years, and we’re ecstatic to continue that tradition this summer at Brazos Bookstore.

Click through the summer schedule for full details.

** MACBETH — June 24 at 7pm
** THE MERCHANT OF VENICE — July 8 at 7pm
** THE TEMPEST — August 12 at 7pm

** THE SONNETS — June 12 at 6pm
** THE SOLILOQUIES —  July 24 at 6pm
** SCENES FOR KIDS — August 8 at 2pm

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