Meet Laura!

Brazos Bookstore has a new face! Laura is a student at Rice University who will be interning with us for the duration of the summer. We're excited to teach her the ins and outs of bookstore life!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you like to read. What draws you to books?

I'm a rising senior at Rice University and currently interning at Brazos Bookstore for the summer! I'm working towards opening up my own bookstore someday and Brazos has been gracious enough to show me the ropes. You'd think I'd be able to succinctly sum up why I love books, but honestly it's just too difficult. I've rewritten my answer about five times right now and each one leaves out something essential, so I'll just say that they are the purest form of happiness in the world. Today my favorite genre leans more towards magical realism, but really I like to read all over the board and am always happy for recommendations.

When did you realize you wanted to be a bookseller?

It's always been something I thought would be super cool to do but never realistic. To little 5th grade Laura booksellers were even higher on the pecking order than librarians, so there was no way I could reach those elite heights. It wasn't until a few years ago when I realized it actually was a viable option that would bring a ton of happiness into my life.

What do you think the role/importance of the bookstore is in the 21st century?

There's so much content nowadays, such a multitude of choices in what to consume. I think a good bookstore curates those options. You'll see some familiar titles on the shelves, but also new and obscure gems to discover. An important part of that curation is acting as a platform for under-represented voices. With so many people shouting into the voids of Twitter and Facebook it can be really rewarding to find unique, intelligent writers and bring their work into the hands of more people.

What is your favorite section of a bookstore?

I love the Staff Picks sections and reading all the recommendations. It's always fun to find who has the most similar taste to me and who has the most different. I try to read one pick from each.

What is your best memory about visiting a bookstore as a child?

It's not so much a memory as a feeling. I would constantly sneak away from my family anytime we walked by a bookstore and there would always be about five minutes of pure freedom before my mom tracked me down. There was the excitement of searching for new books as well as the suspense of hiding from my mom. It was addictive. 

Name your perfect bookstore pet.

An Armored Bear from the His Dark Materials series because how cool would that be?!

What are you reading right now?

EXIT WEST by Mohsin Hamid and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Swing by and say hi! And be sure to look around the store to find Laura's Staff Picks and Shelf Talkers.

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