It's Lit: The August Edition

Welcome to the first edition of It's Lit! Keep reading to find the answers to your literary frustrations.


Dear Booksellers, 

I read a lot, but I always have a hard time deciding what's next on the book list. How do you decide what to read!?


Vexed by Variety

Dear Vexed,

It's truly a struggle –– among the millions of books in the world, how do we decide which ones to delve into? As booksellers, we have trouble for a few reasons. First of all, you people have yet to invent a Wheel of Fortune-style "What the Heck Should I Read Next" spinner.

In all seriousness, we're lucky to have a fabulous relationship with presses around the country, many of whom send us books to review and promote. We're also stuck together for hours each day. Get a few booksellers together in a room and we can't help but do what we do best: chat about our new favorite releases, books coming out months in advance, and underrated classics. Ask any one of us what we're reading, and I'm sure we can list off six or eight titles (ranging from the ancient and obscure to new bestsellers or experimental masterworks). Which leads to another problem, and another corresponding question: how do we possibly find the energy and time to finish a book?

Write back if you can think of an answer to that one.

Love, Booksellers

Dear Booksellers,

Hi! Many years ago, I heard an NPR book review that I was fascinated by. I never could track down the review or the subject. I believe the main idea was a quest to retrace the footsteps of St. Francis on a spiritual pilgrimage. There was a lot of detail about searching for hazelnuts. The other thing that I vaguely remember was a lyrical title, something like... Moonlight, the Forest and Werewolves. But I could be totally making that up! What is the name of that book? Thank you!


Frustrated by St. Francis

Dear Frustrated,

You'd be amazed by the number of times we get this kind of question per day! Our bookish detective skills are definitely honed, as we love sniffing out old favorites.

This one's a little difficult, but the closest we can think of is his fantastic 2002 biography by Donald Spoto, Reluctant Saint. It was reviewed on NPR the year of its release. We're not sure about the hazelnuts, though.

Love, Booksellers

Dear Booksellers,

How come y'all are so cute? 


Flirtatious in the Fiction Section

Dear Flirtatious,

Reading a lot and never going outside. Those two activities do wonders for the skin.

Love, Booksellers

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