Gifts Spotlight : Introducing poppin and Elum

Article by Ulrika

I love September. It’s my birthday month, and also the time that everyone goes back to school—which means NEW OFFICE SUPPLIES! As a buyer, there is nothing more exciting to me than when a box from a new vendor arrives at the store and the rest of the staff crowds around to see what's inside.

This month, we are introducing two new vendors to the Brazos family: poppin and Elum. Coming from a corporate fashion and visual merchandising background, I think of product lines as collections. It is important to me that the pieces are cohesive as a whole—what fits together?—but also are flexible so that customers can mix and match. With poppin and Elum, we are offering top-tier function combined with whimsy and glamor.

I discovered poppin at last year's Las Vegas Market, but at that time, Brazos had not yet expanded office supplies to include items beyond stationery and fine writing utensils. Now, though, poppin can easily make its home among our hand-poured candles from Birch and Goldberry, our multi-purpose vases, and various card holders. My favorite thing about this collection—between the rollerball pen sets, the metallic binder clips (so pretty and shiny!), and the matching journals—is that the items build on each other. The pens look great with the journal or the binder clips. The pouch, too, does not have to be limited to a pencil bag! It can also be a make-up carrier or an on-the-go pocket for things that are easy to lose.

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With Elum, I like that their products are quirky but still beautiful. The large square memo pad stands out because of its size and its abstract pansy background. On the top in copper foil, it says, “This is the bucket list, at least for today.” It's functional and fun, which is what I think desk items should be. Like the memo pad, the notebook is large and funky but it lays flat so it's not fussy.

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Basically, there will always be things that need to get done. Why not make it less stressful by having office supplies that reward you for finishing things?

Prior to her position as the gift buyer at Brazos Bookstore, Ülrika Moats spent eight years working as a corporate visual merchandiser and district manager.

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