Gift Spotlight: Get School Year-Ready with Sara and Ülrika!

Sara: Today we’re going to be talking about a variety of things, all pertaining to getting yourself organized for back to school, and for the fall. We’ve got several events coming up, we’ve got some new items in the store, and we are ready!

First up, I want to talk about the new things we have in the store that I’m really excited about. We’ve been doing a lot of reorganization, and one of the most beautiful displays is a new pen bar that’s gone up along the wall you see when you first walk into the store. Ülrika, tell us more!

Ülrika: Even before my art school days I was obsessed with all things pen and paper. The idea here was to start building and expanding our pen category. It started small. Then, during the reorganization of the store, I basically hijacked that wall.

SB: Yay!

ÜM: This gives people an opportunity — if you want to buy one color of a pen you don’t have to buy the whole pack, or you can mix and match. At this moment, we have a variety of colors from Le Pen, from standard to neons; we have the new Ooly fountain pens with a fine tip nib. They’re a great starter for fountain pens. They’re $6.50, they come with 3 cartridges. They’re good for someone who has never used a fountain pen, or for someone who’s just building their collection (like myself). We also have the Gelly Rolls, which remind me of being in college — and I think everyone else here of being in college —

SB: I was in middle school.

ÜM: — Don’t make me feel old.

SB: I really loved them in middle school.

ÜM: What we decided to do is pair up with our new workshop activity — I’ve put stationery on that wall as well. What we’re doing is partnering with KEEP ST PETE LIT, out of St. Petersberg, Florida, for our Paper and Pen Pal Club. This month, until mid-October probably, the stationery wall will be featuring an array of stationery. From companies like Pepin Press from the Netherlands to a few French companies, we have a wide variety of paper products.

SB: What’s your favorite item on the wall right now?

ÜM: I have two. One for stationery — the Pepin Press stationery boxes, I love.

SB: They’re so pretty.

ÜM: It’s forty sheets, forty envelopes, fifty stickers; there’s a variety of options to choose from. And my second would have to be the Le Pens. I keep ordering them and I keep buying them. My pen pouch has now grown. I already had a pen pouch for my fountain pens, I now have two pen pouches for other pens.

SB: You’re an addict!

ÜM: Yes. What’s your favorite?

SB: My favorite? I’m torn. I’ve used Le Pens for a couple years and I love them. I love more jewel tones and darker tones, so I like that they have a variety of colors such as olive green and burgundy. I used those through college. That was MY college pen.

Now, thanks to you, i’m getting into fountain pens TOO MUCH. I know this is a classic in the store and it’s not on the pen WALL, but the Lamy Safaris are my favorite in the store. I will admit, the Ooly fountain pens got me in this mode, but for a little bit more (retailing at about $27.00), it’s so awesome to be able to have an amazing pen I can rely on, and it writes really smoothly. It’s like the Le Pen of fountain pens. It’s pretty, writes really well, and you can carry it around everywhere (they’re really light). They’re amazing.

ÜM: I have seven.

SB: Oh, wow.

ÜM: Not including Oolys and other writing materials.

SB: If you’re really looking to start organizing or start the school year with a bang, feel a little bit special, a Lamy would be the #1 choice for me. Sorry it’s not on the pen wall.

Alright. well, it’s all very well and good to have a bunch of new accessories to take with you when you start the school year, but unfortunately i’ve tested and tested and buying school supplies won’t make you inherently organized as a person. We have events coming up that hopefully will assist with that.

We talked about the Paper and Pen Pal Club a bit earlier, which is an excellent time to get down with your bad analog-communication self and write letters to other readers. Let’s talk about some of our other events coming up this fall.

ÜM: The 26th of this month is a continuation of our bullet journal workshop that started in May. It’s always been fun. It’s great if you bullet journal already and you’re #bulletjournalstrong. It’s a great place for everyone from novices to folks who have bullet journals and haven’t used them yet— Augusta *glares meaningfully across the worktable*— or are afraid to start because they just don’t know where to start.

It’s a great collaboration. In this particular one, we are going to go back to where we started with handwriting and back-to-school themes. If you grew up like Sara and I did with our parents as teachers, it’s kind of like… when the school year starts is when the year actually starts for us. We’ll be going through more of the logs, creating future, monthly, and weekly logs, to get everyone ready to go. And for people who Bullet journal/are planner addicts, we are hosting a brunch on October 15 at 1pm, and it is our Planner Party Brunch.

SB: #mimosas!

ÜM: Exactly. Bullet journals go with rosé, planners go with mimosas. It’s a great time to bring your planner, share your ideas; we’ll do raffles like we do with bullet journal workshops, and go back through and get ourselves ready as we start the new year.

Which brings me to my favorite planner ever, the only planner I’ve ever really used, the Day Designers. They’re a great overall planner. They break down into days, break down priorities, you have a top-three section for each day, anything that might be due for that period of time… Plus, the great thing too: sometimes we need some support in planning our lives, so they give out great online printables. They do 30-day challenges throughout the year that help you get yourself organized, in which they start small and build up through the month with really fun-filled challenges to get yourself organized and in a happy place.

SB: I will add, you don’t have to have everything already settled to come to these. We’ll just be making forays into planning and organizing together. Bring yourself! We have washi tape, stickers, pens…

ÜM: …Paper, so you can play with different types (dotted, and some ruled, because I know some people prefer using that).

SB: Hmmmmm.

ÜM: Just bring you and have a good time!

SB: I’m really excited for this. I’ve never been organized. This is my moment.

ÜM: This is Sara’s time to shine!

S: Yep!

Don’t forget, Paper and Pen Pal Club is coming up September 19, BuJo workshop September 26, and brunch planner party October 15. There’s a bunch of fun stuff coming up, and we hope to see you there!

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